Live and let live

I love to control the world and the people in it ( or should I say I try to control the world).

However, I’ve lately found myself to be worn out, tired and never really genuinely enjoying anything because there is always something else to fix, something out of place or not running the way I want/need it to run (obsessive, compulsive much?) 🙂

What I have come to realise now though is that life itself is messy and I don’t have to try keep everything so…tidy. When I opened my eyes I realised that the thing I was most afraid of when it came to losing control was myself. This realisation actually ended up making me feel more free than anything else.

Now I am just trusting in myself and just breathing, one deep slow breath after the next.

In life you can have all the answers but not really know the question.I thought that life’s milestones ( the ones I so carefully planned out for myself ) was what defined me. I am now learning that I was created just to be me, myself and I for no one else and nothing else other than to just be me. To live and let live, no perfection needed.

These days we go through are tough but trust in yourself to push on because you would not have made it this far if you are not tough too.