Write It Out

One of the biggest lessons I have learnt from my few years of being on this planet so far was something I learnt from my mother. We never did fight much. Growing up was a breeze.. no anger, no screaming, shouting, disapproving looks. However, we were not perfect so yes, we did have our moments of opposite opinions. As a kid I struggled to voice my opinion. Not because of anybody else though but just because I never felt my opinion was relevant or correct or even being portrayed the way I wanted it to be.

So one day my mom decided to write me a letter. She handed this piece of paper to me and said “read it in your own time, girl” and so I did. At the time I thought this was the silliest thing I have ever done. I mean, my mom was just in the other room so why not just get up and go talk to her.  None the less I trusted her method. It was the best and I mean the BEST form of communication.

I am writing this because a have heard so many times in relationships how they just can’t get through to the other person or “every time we argue it starts as a discussion and then somewhere in between point A and point B one of us blows the situation out of proportion and then its like speaking to a brick wall”!

(Heard this before?)

Write it out….take an hour out of your day to put pen to paper (old school style). Write what you are feeling toward him or her. Write what makes you tick, what frustrates you about the other person or even what you meant in the argument instead of what they thought they heard.

Give it a try, leave a comment and let me know how it went.